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P140 is a premium grade, single component polyurethane based elastomeric sealant which can be used for heavy and light precast panel expansion joints, wood, aluminum and PVC joinery seams, as well as expansion joints in traditional construction. It cures by atmospheric humidity to form a flexible and resistant joint with very good adhesion on most materials. P140 is highly recommended for bonding baked clay and concrete roof tiles. Stronger and harder than P125, it provides good adhesion without primer on many other materials, including most lacquered metals, polyester, glass, stone, ceramic tiles, composites and many plastics.

• Multi-purpose use in the construction industry
• Can be sanded
• Adheres well without primer to a variety of materials (test before)
• Compatible with water-based paints (testing required for solvent-based paints)
• Available in various colors and packaging
• Shelf life: 12 months (see Tech Data Sheet for details)