Does Pegus Systems manufacture its adhesives and sealant?
No, we do not own the machines that produce our products.  Pegus Systems determines which capabilities, packaging and services are required by our distributors, then we leave production to our various manufacturing partners.  Because we distribute large quantities around the world, we have negotiated uniquely attractive relationships with these partners.

What are the Pegus Master Distributor Programs?
There are three Programs – Pro Partner, Priority Partner and Premium Partner.   Each is designed to offer valuable services and incentives to the Pegus distributor, based on their size and distribution capabilities.  Contact us for more details about each Program.

How much polyurethane adhesive and sealant does Pegus Systems produce?
In 2011 Pegus Systems produced the equivalent of 650,000 cartridges of urethane.  Our manufacturing partners have a much higher combined capacity of well over 20,000,000 cartridges.


Is pre-mature curing of polyurethane in the package the result of manufacturing defect?
It could be, but usually is not.  Polyurethane adhesives and sealant have a published shelf life, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Shelf life is determined by the natural curing process that occurs within the package (cartridge, foil pack or drum).  The curing process begins at the moment of production.  The rate of cure within the package is quite sensitive to atmospheric conditions, namely temperature and humidity.  Published shelf lives are conditional on certain atmospheric conditions.

Manufacturing defects are rare.  Most often, premature curing is due to the packaged product being exposed to excessive heat and/or humidity.

Pegus Systems maintains retain samples of every batch of adhesive we produce.

If there is a manufacturing defect, all cartridges from that batch will almost certainly be affected equally.

How do excessive heat and humidity affect polyurethane adhesives and sealant?
At excessive levels, either condition will accelerate the natural curing process, thereby reducing the effective shelf life.  Excessive levels may also nullify the Pegus warranty.

SUGGESTION:  It’s important that Pegus distributors and their customers know an follow the suggested warehouse conditions for each product.

What are the proper storage conditions for Pegus polyurethane adhesives and sealant?
Pegus Systems recommends a dry place at 5° to 25°C. The warranty is contingent on these conditions. We also recommend minimizing the product’s exposure to direct sunlight. Finally, in order to maintain the bottom seal in good condition, handle cartridges and their boxes with care.

We do not recommend long periods of storage, either for the distributor or the end user. As a general rule of thumb, Pegus Systems recommends that distributors store the product for a maximum period of eight weeks, also allowing an additional eight weeks for the end user. Generally speaking, this should provide healthy product rotation, and allow distributors and their clients sufficient time. Specific circumstances may call for a quicker turnaround.

Is primer necessary?
Usually, but not always. Most Pegus Systems urethanes are designed as two step adhesive systems, which reach maximum adhesion when applied with our specially formulated Pegus Combo Primer.  P400H is an exception, providing excellent adhesion to glass without the use of primer. Please note that even when using P400H, primer may still be suggested for the installation process.  In particular, for exposed metal on the vehicle’s pinch weld or for certain frit bands on the glass.

For more specific information about the various Pegus Systems adhesive and sealants visit the Products section of our website or contact us.

Can Pegus Systems supply private label packaging for its products?
Yes.  Pegus Systems can provide private label opportunities that will allow companies to promote and develop their own brand.  For additional information please contact us.

Does Pegus Systems also offer accessories for auto glass installation?
Yes. Pegus Systems has created unique, and in some cases exclusive, agreements with manufacturers of tools and accessories that are complementary to the activity of auto glass installers.

Please visit the Accessories area of the Product section of our web site or contact us for more information.

Does Pegus Systems provide samples of their products for trial use?
Yes. Pegus Systems always provides reasonable quantities of no-charge samples to pre-qualified distribution opportunities.  Please contact us for additional information.


From where does Pegus Systems ship its urethane products?
We ship urethane directly from our manufacturing facilities in France and China. Select products are also available for shipment from our warehouse in Miami.   AP200 and most accessories ship from Michigan.

What logistical services can Pegus Systems provide?
Our logistics department helps minimize your importation efforts and strives for competitive solutions to any shipping requirements. With over 40 years of logistical experience Pegus Systems knows how to move the goods.  We can not only provide CIF quotes to most ports around the world, as well as door-to-door service, but our accumulated experience allows us to expect and be prepared for the unique requirements of each country of destination.

What is the average lead time to ship, once an order is confirmed?We do not inventory product at our manufacturing facilities, but produce against confirmed orders.  This ensures that distributors receive the freshest product possible. Production for orders shipped from France average 4.5 weeks. Orders shipped from China average 4 weeks of production time. Finally, in order to service countries in South and Central America Pegus Systems has established a warehouse in Miami certain pre-produced products.  The average lead time to ship from Miami is 3 days.

Please note that these are production lead times and do not include shipping. For more detailed information please contact us.


Does Pegus Systems have a minimum order quantity? 
Yes. MOQ varies by product.  Please contact us for details.

What payment terms are available?
New distributors are asked to pay in advance for their first stocking order.  At that time, we will be happy to analyze a request for open account for subsequent purchases.  Exact terms will depend on the requirements and circumstances of the applicant.  Credit applications include at least three references from suppliers with which the applicant already has an active open account.  Please contact us for details.